Good Death Metal snack.

ONAN - Hell is Other People [Full-length]
May 4, 2010 - Unsigned

Onan is a new one-man instrumental metal project hailing from Sydney, Australia. Founded and nurtured in the early 2010 by the Australian musician Kim Forbes (The Luddites, Rainbow Kiss, Tortoise Cult), the band plays some vague genre that's a mix of Melodic Death and Thrash Metal except for it's only instrumental and doesn't hold and kind of vocals whatsoever.

I've recently heard the band's debut album "Hell Is Other People", and frankly what drew my attention at the first moment was the album title; you can't imagine how deep that four-word title is and how it had laid a serious impact upon me.

Starting of the first moment in the album, you can sense an immense touch of melodiousness covering each and every track of the album, which makes it pretty safe to state that this, most certainly, is a melodic album, which actually brings me to my first struggle through the album; I've never been fond of melodic metal in general and Melodic Death Metal in particular, excluding, however, a couple of bands like Mors Principium Est and Dark Tranquillity. Onan, luckily, wasn't the thing I hate, so it was fun playing the album over and over again, specially for it's only about 22 minutes long.

Onan craftily employs some breakdown elements, that have somehow added some more "tastiness" to the music. That was clearly manifested in some tracks like "Mirrors of Sadness" for instance. Guitars are being professionally played and are craftily timed up with drumming that I, by the way, find the most improvable element of the album, yet still okay. What's also worth mentioning is that I've found some Rage Against The Machine and Meshuggah influence along the album, also the riff at 0:55 in "Vociferation", which is by the way one of the most catchy and memorable riffs over the album, reminded me a lot of Rage Against The Machine. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

Well, overall, Onan is a promising Australian instrumental metal band that offers a twenty two-minute long album that I would most likely call it "a death metal snack" or "a death metal appetizer" as I would recommend you to listen to it as a warm-up before playing some intense Death Metal album. Anyways, Onan keeps in score that it's a one-man band, which moves me to the next point which is giving all possible credits to Mr. Kim Forbes for his efforts holding everything over his head and being burdened with everything regarding the band to eventually produce a fine and nicely-done album. Cheers to that, cheers to Onan and cheers to the forthcoming album.

Highlights: Vociferation, The Silence.



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This is not death metal.