Not as Progressive as I'd Prefer But...

Elitist - Elitist [Full-length]
June 30, 2015 - Equal Vision Records

This is the first album I've heard by Elitist, but it has grown on me very quickly. Elitist takes more of a Post-Hardcore/ Metalcore sound rather than Prog-Metal sound, as many fans of this band already know, but I did find minor Djent style and Prog-Metal elements to this album. In my few days of listening to this band I have heard this whole album and some of their older songs such as: Caves, Reshape Reason, and Unto the Sun and unfortunately, instrumentally, they seem to have stepped down a bit from the Djent style with this new album. I was very happy with the vocals produced by Chris Balay. The vocals seem to be pretty on point with the instruments throughout most of the album. The album seems to have more progression in the instruments as you get further through the album. The first track of the self-titled, "Vision Red", is very Metalcore sounding and there's not much Djent to it. Then, on the last track, "End Game", the Prog-Metal style rings out in the very first seconds of the song and to me was a powerhouse of a song for this album. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who isn't to sure if they want to leave their Metalcore/ Hardcore bands behind for Progressive bands. I hope you enjoy and thank you for your time.