Really impressive!

August 8, 2014 - Self-released

Anything that Thomas (Drop) Betrisey finds interesting enough to dedicate his masterful set of skills to will always earn a listen from me. I think the overall production deserves 5 stars! The audio levels are a little low, but being that I have some experience in production - this is probably because they were committed to retaining some dynamics (not overcompressing), which can result in slightly lower volumes. I LOVE the kick (reminiscent of In Flames). Guitars are THICK and layered. All kinds of subtle electronics in the background. Occasional melodic harmonies (which I love).

I think that the production was amazing on this album, ... and the band are without a doubt veterans in the game. Their songwriting and playing is proof of this. There is a dark and almost agonizing feel to Clawerfield's songs that a lot of (European metal artist) convey. I've always liked this unique signature that the Euros are so good at Wink

For any fan of Sybreed, Samael, Leatherstrip, Fear Factory, In Flames, etc ... this album deserves a full listen.