Solid Newcomers

October 21, 2012 - unknown

It seems like England is one of the few countries that manage to produce band after band that play convincing hardcore. Summits is surely part of those bands, but Summits also adds a sense of catchy modernism to their craft: think Volumes, Structures, and The Ghost Inside.

'The Attainment' delivers an interesting blend of tight melodic hardcore-like drumming, Northlane-style aesthetics (in the sense of production values and product) and a kind of uniqueness that places them miles apart from new bands of their generation paying mellow or downright lame homages to their heroes (I am not going to use that horrible "real hardcore" classification).

What you first notice is the speed at which their songs are played: riff after riff is churned out with an almost machine-like intensity over blazing EMG mics, complimented by a barrage of lightning fast drumming. Though this is usually the formula for a lot of wasted potential, Summits manages to steer clear by employing their great songwriting and sense of musicianship to make this album stand out.

The songs on 'The Attainement' don't seem to offer a lot of diversity, but they are able to keep the listener interested as long as they keep their melodic aspects of their music, which doesn't quite seem to be the problem with these guys. The track I really enjoyed was 'Titans', where Summits employ some serious Volumes/Structures sounding riffs backed up by brutal growls courtesy of Jake Crowder.

It becomes apparent that although Summits' energy is untouchable, the philosophy behind the music is a bit lacking. Still, I think the influences that this band employs fit them well and the band will not have passed under the radar in about a year or two. The die-hard fans of the hardcore side of djent will dig this a lot. This release won't let you down. A pleasant surprise!