Soul Cycle II: Instrumental Djent at its best

Soul Cycle - Soul Cycle II [Full-length]
April 24, 2012 - Unsigned

Soul Cycle's second album, 'Soul Cycle II', is very balls to the walls. It didn't take more than 25 seconds to get me caught in their thread. I listened to the song, 'Against the Iron', and straight away knew I had to download this. An instrumental melodic eargasm from these guys. Every song had me begging for the next. Catchy as all hell riffs and solos shows what you can do with djent music. 'Soul Cycle II' is a delicious 11-track album, released on April 24th 2012.

The album kicks off with a soft, yet mysterious ambient noise, followed by really awesome drums and bass lines, and it only keeps getting even more better from there. Some very fast guitars and drums get played throughout this song, every riff and solo making the product more and more interesting and entertaining to listen to. 'Instar/Soul: Reborn' is an incredible way to start an album.

Did you call for heavy? 'Against the Iron' will make you head bang hard. It delivers delicious djent as well as awesome catchy chord riffs. In my opinion, most catchy song on the album. 'Against the Iron' is the real djent song, and it really comes at you loud.

'Reject Humanity' comes at you very heavy and very quickly. It doesn't slow down, in fact, it just comes at you harder. As well as 'Against the Iron', it is very very djenty. This song really shows the heavier side of the album. Just by the sound of it, it must have been pretty hard to record.

'Ethereal' is quite the journey, with no pit stops on the way to an eargasm. The beautiful distorted guitar comes in, as well as the solo guitar. Not long after its entrance, it fades out and its place takes a less distorted guitar, playing a really nice and complex riff. This song has a really nice riff or two in the background as well as the solo guitar, which is going wild in the front.

With a soft fade out, 'Transcendence' begins. It starts with an interesting and funky tune. Then the delicious guitar takes the stage. It sounds a lot softer than most djent bands, which is interesting. Filled with a lot of fast parts, and melodic slower sections, it makes 'Transcendence' stand out.

Bringing out the bass, 'Unphased' quickly delivers hard riffage. I really can't help but feel a bit of Haunted Shores there. With really nice and catchy chords being played throughout this song, it becomes very easy to headbang to. But never think for a second that it's the same thing over and over, it always changes to something new, fun and interesting every phase.

In 'Cast Down' they give you a really nice taste of some complex and out of time djent riffing, although it doesn't last for long. Some new types of soloing are present there. The same kind of djent riff at the beginning of the song seems to be played here and there, during different phases. The incredibly beautiful outro really shines.

The next track, 'One Fleeting Moment's', is amazingly catchy and head bang worthy. This is probably one of the most memorable songs on the album. Definitely not a song to be forgotten any time soon. Perfect hard breakdown about halfway through the song, with a really tasty solo put over the top. The band really like to have the soft fade out intros.

'Distant Skies' brings out even more tasty riffing with interesting solos over the song. Although the shortest song on the album, definitely one of the best.

'Evolutia' certainly has my second favourite intro. It's very catchy and reminds me of some old rock songs. The awesome bass and drum start is really tasty. The whole feeling of this long track keeps reminding me of some old rock mixed with today’s metal, specifically djent. Definitely interesting to listen to. The solo outro was pretty awesome.

Straight away, pushed right onto the awesome riffing of 'Break the Cycle'. Nice and fast with some delicious djent parts. It slows down for a quick breather then returns with some complex solos which should make you head bang pretty hard. The song keeps up and continues to give really nice and hard riffing with really interesting solos over top. Some really good bass kicks at the end.

At the end of the day, in my opinion, it's rare to find a metal, let alone djent, instrumental band that really catches my fancy and lets my mind wonder. 'Soul Cycle II' has really opened my eyes at the possibility of an awesome instrumental band that can keep all the djent qualities. And to think that it's mostly only two guys.

I give this album a 8/10. Really good listen, although, can get somewhat repetitive.