Tetrafusion delivers a solid Free EP

January 31, 2012 - unsigned

Tetrafusion definitely deserve recognition for their latest EP, a free download titled "Horizons". It is never stale, each track moving to the next with a sense of anticipation, as you wonder what they'll throw at you next in this barrage of guitar, keyboard, bass, drum and vocal work.

The group have a nice vibe to them, much like Dream Theater or Between the Buried and Me. It's a very progressive metal sound that really focuses on the instrumentation, rather than just pounding out groovy riffs to a couple of nice changes. Vocals work nicely, not trying to strain for anything too high or sink too low. Guitars and keys paint a colorful, rich texture of sounds that move to unexpected riffs, licks, and solos to keep the listener interested throughout the album. I love how the riffs are full of movement, as I find a lot of bands take the easy way and stick to just single notes that work and don't really do much to progress through the song. This group keep their tracks moving and grooving. The changes aren't abrupt like a math metal tune, but rather they flow from one section to the next. While this could have resulted in some really fragmented tunes on the album, it works beautifully, like having all of the different pieces fit into one puzzle.

There's not much to say about this group that isn't blatantly expressed in their awesome music. Go download the EP, go listen to the songs for yourself, because this band has worked hard to be noticed and it's about time that their fan base keeps growing!