The Discovery Is More Than Just A Discovery

Cloudkicker - The Discovery [Full-length]
September 1, 2008 - Self-released

I listened to this album somewhere between 2011 and 2012 - I can't quite remember, they were fun times. What made them more fun - the discovery of The Discovery by Cloudkicker. In danger of becoming the album all of Cloudkicker's other albums will be compared to by overenthusiastic fans, this masterpiece is nothing short of, well, exactly that. The production on this album is completely honest and bars any kind of over exaggerated mixing or polish - the album sounds like itself, to be precise - a phenomenon many overlook. The album bursts with crunch, tone and faded colours, and the guitars ravage the ears in a beautiful way (is that possible?). Each riff is played with complete confidence and although is stylised in the form of looping and repeating certain phrases, isn't droning. Well done, considering Cloudkicker likes tasty little loops and uses them often.

Musically the album plays as a progressive metal album, but not in a progressive metal way. Time signatures, instead of jumping out into the fray with frills and all, play out almost subconsciously. Well, they DO play out subconsciously. The rhythm (while trying to avoid a Meshuggah comparison) slides from bar to bar with natural ease that kind of gives Cloudkicker its own genre stamp in a way. It is definitely progressive metal, but it retains a particular genetic code that just feels different from 'the same ol', which is a feat, nonetheless. Percussion is tight and subtle, never splashy and stand-outish. Each song segues into the next like a 3 course meal at a respectable restaurant, and before you know it - dessert's gone and that feeling of contentment (and mild bloat) covers your uh, ears.

What the artist has done here is basically create a bonafide masterpiece - all of the required elements for this album have come together just the way fate intended it. It goes in the 'Masterpieces' playlist, no more is said. Now all that's left are those annoying "Discovery only" fans...