Twelve Foot Ninja

November 2, 2012 - Volkanik

This Melbourne band have released two excellent EPs, and this is their debut full length album. Already, they are a phenomenon. The two EPs were mere tasters to this, the main course, this album is a unique and eclectic rock masterpiece.

It's actually difficult to pin down all of the different, seemingly disparate musical styles that this band has at their disposal and put on display in all their glory on this record. They blend hard alternative rock, groove based metal, ska, reggae, dubstep and electronica, latin, jazz, pop, funk and even more than that into their sound, often in the one song, and do so to utterly seamless and convincing effect.
The best way to describe this band is 'jack of all trades, and master of every single one of them'. You may think that a band combining so many styles might be a little weird or over the top for most listeners, but one single listen allays those fears. The best thing about it all is that they channel their mastery of multiple genres into short, highly appealing, ultimately listenable songs. Songs full of zest, energy and character. And a touch of tongue in cheek humour too.

This is the must discover band of 2012 and beyond. If Devin Townsend hadn’t have released an album this year, this would be this writer’s album of the year for 2012. I guess they’ll have to settle for runner’s up.



This album needs to be released in the US for a real CD price in the US! It costs $26 to pay for this CD and ship it which is more than twice the price of most CDs here! I want the CD so bad too!

I saw them play on Friday night just gone (8/2/13). It was an epic set. They played songs from all 3 releases, all my favourites, so stoked. They were as tight as nails, and the sound in the venue was pretty good too. The samples and electronic stuff was perfect in the mix as well. BTW, their drummer killed it. The whole crowd was really getting into it. Awesome vibe in the place. Can't wait 'til they're back in town again!

Bought it today, and have been putting it off for a long time. Initial impressions? Wow... Chuggy Bungle slash fusion with everything that matters to me. What took me so long? Sick Album.