A Well Mix of Genre's

Islands - Waves [EP]
November 29, 2011 - unknown

What is Islands' music? Imagine a modern hardcore band mixed with some technicality and some truly catchy riffs. If you have ever read a review of mine, you know that I don't bullshit. I make reviews to help people find good bands to suite their musical tastes. Islands is a prime example of a djent band that isn't just technical time signatures, quick mutes and opens, or staccato and legato insane.

Islands 'Waves' starts out with a very catchy opening riff. An open string pattern with some "oohhs" and "ahhs" here and there. The scream although is very much a common hardcore/deathcore type. Nothing fancy, nothing sickening. The song itself has a structure of something like, if Kurt Cobain was in a djent band. It has a nice construction that people new to a much more technical music can appreciate. 30 seconds into the first song 'Buried' comes some rather nice clean vocals over a chorus most will like. This takes it into a different aspect of the hardcore sound and almost reminds me of a metalcore band. Nice clean vocals without sounding like your sack is in a vice grip, follow?

The songs on 'Waves' are amazing, in my opinion. But yet then again, before djent, I was raping the fuck out of deathcore and metalcore. It's almost something that takes me back to my original favorite styles, while suiting my lust for some technicality. The songwriting seems very solid and very much their own. While its a mix of common metal genre's, Islands twist the arm and truly bring their own attack to the fight.

Production... awesome. Great crisp, clean, almost perfect production value. This is definitely not a nasty static sounding record. Expect some nice production, within which lie some cool electronic things. You won't find anything out of place as far as timing and nailing licks are concerned, because the performance is damn near perfect on this record.

All in all. I love this band and will be keeping an eye out. It is amazing for someone who is stuck into the trendy metal/deathcore scene and wants to branch out into other genre's. I hope this band continues in the headed direction. Islands are definitely a band worth checking out.