Mouth of Swords - The Safety Fire

September 2, 2013 - Inside Out Music

Let me start by saying one of the first things that attracted me to The Safety Fire was their unique blend of Indie, metal and progressive. Aside from having well groomed mustaches and a great fashion sense, these gentlemen hailing from London are superb musicians. Mouth of Swords, their sophomoric followup to Grind the Ocean, continues their progression as a band while still maintaining there signature sound.

A Lustrous Release

Hateure - A Lustrous Danseur [Full-length]
January 2013 - Unsigned

I'll start by stating I honestly think many people who AREN'T from the Philippines probably haven't heard of these guys. After stumbling into this band, I have to say they're a pretty interesting find.

The Discovery Is More Than Just A Discovery

Cloudkicker - The Discovery [Full-length]
September 1, 2008 - Self-released

I listened to this album somewhere between 2011 and 2012 - I can't quite remember, they were fun times. What made them more fun - the discovery of The Discovery by Cloudkicker. In danger of becoming the album all of Cloudkicker's other albums will be compared to by overenthusiastic fans, this masterpiece is nothing short of, well, exactly that. The production on this album is completely honest and bars any kind of over exaggerated mixing or polish - the album sounds like itself, to be precise - a phenomenon many overlook.

An EPic Endeavour

May 12, 2011 - Self-released

While searching the got-djent site for various new sounds (as one does from time to time), I came across the Bilo EP by David Maxim Micic. It swiftly became a part of my bigger "djent" collection, but it wasn't until late 2012 by the time I got around to just sitting down and... listening. Being an open minded person who fights the urge to palm off everything I hear as "heard similar before, next", I didn't criticise, I just, listened. There was something special about this EP and its medium, something that seperated it from the other 54 or so artists I had sitting in my playlist.

Disperse: Living Mirrors

Disperse - Living Mirrors [Full-length]
February 19, 2013 - Season Of Mist

It will not be an obvious choice of listening for those of you who prefer your music uncompromisingly heavy but for anyone looking for a great progressive record to set the standard so early into the year, you need not look further.

Twelve Foot Ninja

November 2, 2012 - Volkanik

This Melbourne band have released two excellent EPs, and this is their debut full length album. Already, they are a phenomenon. The two EPs were mere tasters to this, the main course, this album is a unique and eclectic rock masterpiece.

King of the Animals - A review of the album "Animals as Leaders"

April 28, 2009 - Prosthetic Records

After his former band Reflux disbanded and taking jazz/classical fundamental lessons, little-known shred guitarist Tosin Abasi took up an offer by Prosthetic Records to record a solo ablum, choosing Animals as Leaders as the name for the instrumental project... addressing humanity's carnal, animal-like nature of the old.

Currently, Tosin Abasi plays in AAL along with Javier Reyes (Guitar) and Matt Garstka (drums), released a second album (Weightless) and have been constantly touring and recording new material for a third opus. The band's first, still somehow remains my favorite.

Carthage - Salt the Earth

Carthage - Salt the Earth [Full-length]
December 11, 2012 - unknown

If there's one word that perfectly describes this album to me, it's consistent, even though the album's songs are quite varied at times, they all work perfectly within the album's context. The production is absolutely fantastic, with an insane level of clarity in the mix, considering how much is going on at times. Carthage have managed to release one of the most solid releases I've listened to in quite a while, and definitely one of the top 5 albums of the year for me.

'Window to the World' Part Two - the one watching


Last time, I got to grips with the opening three tracks of ‘Window to the World’. However, these first three songs may be difficult to appreciate if you are not an avid fan of the intimidating, claustrophobic and general evil that enters into the sound of a lot of modern metal (a band which exemplifies this approach to sound are the Australian death metal outfit Portal).

'Window to the World' Part One - those who watch


“Robert, this object has wu.” This is the sentence that immediately sprung into my thoughts when I first heard the debut album of Maybe That’s Why Human’s Drink the Darkness That is Coffee, ‘Window to the World’. The sentence comes from a book by Philip K. Dick, one of my favourite writers, and refers to something which “represents nothing”.