Event Horizon: Mind Plotter's Latest album

Mindplotter - Event Horizon [Full-length]
January 20, 2012 - Self-released

So Mind Plotter is part machine, part artist, all crazy. And by crazy, I mean download it and listen to it and you will understand why.

Lacrimm: Dishing out another free release full of great tunes

Lacrimm - Animalic [EP]
January 17, 2012 - unsigned

So I downloaded the latest Lacrimm release, 'Animalic', and I must say I didn't know what to expect. Sure, got-djent has a djent-iful array of licks and tricks honed together into awesome tunes, but you never know what kind you're going to get. Will it be a clone of some other band, an attempt to fit into the djent mould that really doesn't seem to exist in a specific category, or will it offer up something truly unique? I have to say, I like what this band did with the EP.

Invocation - EP

Invocation - EP [EP]
November 1, 2011 - unsigned

Quality over quantity. That's what I find really appealing in EPs. At least in my experience it seems that they are a quintessence of the best tracks from the upcoming album, leaving no room for mediocre songs. This is exactly the case with the latest release of the lads from Milton Keynes, Invocation.

Chariot of The Gods: "The Korea" comes hard and heavy with their first release

January 15, 2012 - Unsigned

The Korea's long awaited release is finally here, and graciously enough for free download. I myself have taken advantage of their generosity to the music community and I suggest you do the same.

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'The Nocturnal Chaos'

November 7, 2011 - unsigned

Hailing from the Massif Central region of France, where relatively little seems to happen, The Nocturnal Chaos exude the reflective attitude which one grows accustomed to in the stunning landscapes of the Massif.

The Empire Shall Fall

December 4, 2011 - Angle Side Side

According to Wikipedia, a ‘Solar Plexus’ is “a complex network of nerves located in the abdomen, where the celiac trunk, superior mesenteric artery, and renal arteries branch from the abdominal aorta.” While it sounds very cool, naming your EP after a group of nerves in your gut seems odd to me.


December 13, 2011 - Myriad Records

It’s surprising when one comes across a band that is completely unheard of with a sound that is as polished as a long-standing professional outfit. To a lot of djent fans, it’s more rewarding because it’s as if you have something that so few other people have. Also, if the band are still in their early stages, you can watch them grow and become the big name that you knew they deserve to be.

Fractals' Newest Cinnamon Bun

December 12, 2011 - Fractals Records

Deathcore, as I like to say, is a lot like cinnamon. If you try to eat any amount alone, with noting else, you'll gag - but if you mix it in with other things, you can create a delicious cinnamon bun, or maybe a pie of some sorts. Either way, it's bound to be great. Fractals' debut, 'Paradox', was a stellar album and probably the best free album I've yet to download. This was largely due to the cinnamon bun effect- they combined deathcore with heavy atmospheres and very pretty melodies, and created something I'd never heard before. After that deliciousness, I was more than eager to download the fiver (well, four) track 'Corridors' EP, and get another slice of the pie. But did they change the recipe? And for better or worse?

A Well Mix of Genre's

Islands - Waves [EP]
November 29, 2011 - unknown

What is Islands' music? Imagine a modern hardcore band mixed with some technicality and some truly catchy riffs. If you have ever read a review of mine, you know that I don't bullshit. I make reviews to help people find good bands to suite their musical tastes. Islands is a prime example of a djent band that isn't just technical time signatures, quick mutes and opens, or staccato and legato insane.


Fractals - Paradox [Full-length]
May 3, 2011 - unsigned

Browsing through for music is a lot like panning for gold: most of the time you bring up rocks, with the occasional sprinkling of dust on them. On occasion, you'll find a tiny nugget - an interesting song, maybe an EP with some good tunes on it, but nothing to write home about. Then every once in a while, you'll hit the jackpot: a well-played, well-written, well-mixed, well-recorded, full-length album. Fractals' 'Paradox' is one of those.