Community rules and guidelines is reaching more and more people every day, and that's pretty awesome. For the largest part, the content you find on is user-generated: it was submitted by members of our community and subsequently published, sometimes after being cleaned up a bit by the moderation team.

This 'cleaning up' has become rather a daunting task of late, due to the volume of submissions we receive nowadays. That's why we would appreciate it if you had a look at these rules and guidelines for posting comments and content on Not only will this make the job of the moderation team a lot easier, it will also make a nicer place that is enjoyable for everyone.

All we ask from you is that you...

  • take some care to make your post enjoyable to read: split it into paragraphs and use proper punctuation.

  • DON'T LEAVE CAPS LOCK ON: it's tiring to read and it makes you look... not very intelligent.

  • stick to English: this is an international website, and English is the de facto lingua franca on the internet. Use a translation service if you have to.

  • post in the appropriate place: forum topics should go in the right forum. Don't submit content that belongs on our forums as an article.

  • don't cross-post on the forum: don't post the same topic in multiple forums.

  • don't double post: don't post multiple related posts or comments in succession. If you want to add a remark, just edit your previous post.

  • don't engage in personal attacks against other members of the community.

  • ensure that your post does not violate our content policy. Most importantly, do not post any illegal download links for copyrighted material, and do not ask other people for download links.

These rules and guidelines apply site-wide: for comments and content submissions (articles, band pages, release pages, reviews, ...), as well as for forum posts. Please be aware that posts that are not in accordance with the aforementioned rules and guidelines may be removed from the site without notice.

By posting on, you implicitly agree with these rules and guidelines.

Thanks for contributing!

The moderation team