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Which are the best djent releases of 2015?

For the last month of 2015, all registered users could pick their five favourite djent releases that came out in the past year. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourites with us. As always, it was a challenge to pick just five!

Unfortunately participation was down considerably this year, so we have decided to restrict the results to a top 10 ranking, instead of the usual top 20, to keep the results relevant. But don't worry, we'll make up for that when we share our editors' picks of 2015! There was a tie for the 8th spot, so we've decided to include both on equal footing.

We will be spreading the results across two posts this year. We will announce positions 10 through 4 today, and positions 3 through 1 later this week. Without further ado, we present to you the first part of the top 10 of 2015, according to our users.

Textures: 'Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand' music video


The song will be featured on their upcoming album 'Phenotype', which is due for release on February 2nd.

The Algorithm: new song 'Floating Point'


The track will be featured on the upcoming album 'Brute Force', which is due for release on April 1st.

The Ralph: new song 'Means End' ft. Karlo Horvat lyric video


The song is taken from the band's upcoming debut album 'Enter Escape'.

Anup Sastry: new EP teaser


Andy C Saxton: new song 'Slander'


Sectioned: new track 'Toothgrinder'

Stömb: 'Under the Grey' music video