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The Contortionist: new song 'Language I: Intuition'


New song 'Language I: Intuition' available on Youtube

Destrage: new video 'Purania'

Periphery: new studio update video


New studio update video available on Youtube

Euroblast Festival 2014 launches crowdfunding campaign


Euroblast has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help support this year's and future editions of the festival. Watch the announcement video below. Among the stretch goals are a free-entry warm-up party featuring an additional 6 bands on the day before, free coffee for everyone and even an open air edition in the summer of 2015. If you want to contribute, you can choose from a wide range pledges, from personalized t-shirts to a remix by The Algorithm of song a from your band, and even paintings of you by the Euroblast team.

Kevin Suter: new song 'Edax'


The track is available for streaming and purchase from Bandcamp.

Gardenjia: new track 'Twin Universes', new album announced


The song will be featured on the band's upcoming album 'Materia Oscura', which will be released on August 10th.

Djanks&Djrewves: new song 'Djim Bean'


Zombie Frogs: music video for 'Anura'

Intervals: 'Automaton' guitar playthrough video