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This form is no longer used, as we are no longer selling logo T-shirts. If you are interested in a T-shirt, you can get our new design from the Euroblast Bigcartel store!

If you'd like to support the site, you can help us to spread the word by ordering a logo T-shirt and wearing it all the time*!

They are high quality silkscreen-printed Fruit of the Loom T-shirts. This should give you somewhat of an idea about which size you need. If you place an order, you pay only for the cost of making the T-shirt itself, and for shipping. does not make a profit off selling these T-shirts. Any surplus is used to pay server costs. The T-shirts are sold for promotional purposes only, so if you want to help us out, wear yours!

A mockup (not the actual product!) can be viewed below:

* Take it off occasionally to wash it.

CURRENT STOCK (amounts left, not guaranteed to be up to date!)

S: sold out
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A T-shirt costs € 5 or $ 6.5 or £ 4.0, shipping excluded. This is the manufacturing price, rounded up for convenience. The surplus will be used to pay for the server this site is hosted on.

You can pay either by European international bank transfer or by PayPal. You will receive the necessary details to make the payment by email.

Prices including shipping (T-shirt + shipping cost):
Belgium: € 8.50
Europe: € 12.50 / $ 16.50 / £ 10.50
outside Europe: € 13.50 / $ 18.00 / £ 11.50

Note that you cannot save on shipping costs by ordering multiple T-shirts together, as for some reason shipping them together through the post is more expensive than shipping them separately. Go figure.

You can however save on shipping costs if you think you can meet me (benanne) at a gig or some other occasion to pick up your T-shirt. Don't place an order through this form in that case, let me know personally instead (PM me or send me an email on admin at got-djent dot com).


Fill out the form below and submit it. You will then receive a first confirmation email. Once I have processed your order, I will send you a second confirmation email with payment details (the PayPal or bank account you should send the money to, depending on which option you chose) and the amount you need to transfer, for reference. Once you have received it, you can transfer the money.

Once your payment has been received, you will receive a third confirmation email.

If you want to order more than one T-shirt, please enter the desired sizes and amounts in the 'remarks' field.